SC Grafoprint SRL

Grafoprint prints stick- on labels on structured levels, filmed, transparent, metallic, heating and security printing technologies offset , flexography , screen printing or digital.

Prints self-adhesive labels resistant to moisture , grease , high temperature, etc. for food industry, wine industry , alcoholic drinks domain , cosmetic , pharmaceutical , electronics domain, automotive domain, chemical domain. Ennobles the product through visuals and tactile labels (printing thermo chromic , photo chromic , metallic , iridescent , polishing , stamping , laminating , embossing , UV varnishing Braille / tactile ).

Adress: Chisoda, DN59, km 8+550 left, 307221, Giroc, Timis County
Telephone: 0256/292615
Fax: 0256/292615
E-mail: *protected email*