First time in Timisoara: Minds Hub, the first educational hub from Romania, has opened its gates

With an investment of almost 85.000 euro, a group of students from Timisoara, with the support of the West University of Timisoara and other partner companies, are opening the first educational hub in Romania. The event will be held in a space consisting of 200 square meters, in the building of the Faculty of Business Administration Timisoara, it will be open for students and companies, ensuring an active platform of collaborative education on the employer – future employee – trainer axis.

minds hub2

Minds Hub is the new innovative educational concept, based on the collaboration between companies and the academic medium, that allows the development of opportunities and projects between students, employers, professors and NGOs. The project initiators estimate a number of 15-20 new projects every year, over 300 events, with the involvement and participation of over 4.000 people and they aim to reduce by 30% the average time of insertion of students on the labor market, the partner companies could have the costs related to the induction programs reduced a  minimum 15-20% every year.

The Minds Hub project is possible thanks to the involvement of 25 students, 30 partner companies, and 8 student organizations, over a period of 2 years, with more than 6.500 hours of work, having a budget of approx. 85.000 euro.

minds hub3

minds hub1