Symme3D, APP member, at the “Diaspora in the Scientific Research in the Superior Education of Romania” Conference

Almost 800 researchers from 32 countries will participate at the 2016 edition of the “Diaspora in the Scientific Research in the Superior Education of Romania” conference that will be held in Timisoara, between 25-28 April, under the patronage of the president of Romania.

Among the countries with a significant number of participants are France (44), USA (37) and Great Britain (18), followed by Germany, Holland and Italy. „ The communication sessions and discussions were grouped in 21 exploratory workshops, that cover scientific knowledge fields like chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering, social – human and economical sciences, biology, environmental science, medicine, biotechnologies, art and architecture. Every workshop will have a special section dedicated to the vision of the research – development –innovation sector for the time period 2030, in the context of the national debate «Educated Romania».symme3D

In the exhibition area of the event, the Symme3D team can also be visited, they will present one of the most innovative products in Romania – the first multifunction 3D platform on the delta system, 100% Romanian.


The purpose of these scientific events is to create the premises for creating a large scale international collaboration inter and trans – disciplinary and to contribute to the increasing of visibility and international impact of of the Romanian scientific results.


This is the first time this event is organized in Timisoara, in a sense that the previous editions 2008, 2010, and 2012 have been held in Bucharest.

For the program of the event and registering, please access this link.

Source: Luiza Apetrei, APP Cluster